XP9 – Hazy Kveik IPA

29 Jan, 2020
On the occasion of the release of our ninth experimental beer (already!), our brewer Nathan details the creation of this bright collaboration.  During the Festipiousse in Echallens, Nathan and Keith decided to work together. Founder of Côte West Brewing, Keith is an itinerant brewer, hailing from San Diego, who launched his own brewery in Lausanne in 2016. He was in Puidoux to concoct a brew with a summer flavor. 
“We decided to create a Hazy Kveik IPA,” explains Nathan. “Its cloudiness is brought to it by the wheat as well as the oat flakes added during the mashing phase, which gives it a delicious texture that reminds me a little of a milkshake. The bitterness of hops is harmoniously complemented by a Norweigan strain of yeast, called Kveik. This yeast can withstand heat particularly well, which allows it to fully develop all of its aromas,” he adds. 
For this collaboration, the two friends provide us with a very fruity IPA at 6%, fresh and easy to drink, perfectly accompanying spicy dishes or desserts. Its light citrus and pineapple scent reminds us of the freshness of the California sea spray. Available to taste beginning February 8th at Gab’s Lab in Lausanne!