Swiss beer awards

10 Feb, 2020

Since 2017, the Swiss Beer Awards have been held every two years and award the best Swiss beers by category. The best beers in each category are selected on the basis of chemical and sensory analyses conducted by a panel of beer sommeliers. This year, 71 Swiss breweries participated. Of the 389 beers in the competition, only 117 were selected for awards. The day to day commitment to continuous improvement at Docteur Gab’s paid off with four award-winning beers!

Swaf, “Golden Ale” category

Swaf was developed in 2016 for a specific purpose: to offer a craft, easy-to-drink beer that is refreshing and simply very good!

Pépite, “Pale Ale” category

Pépite was created in 2012 to offer a delicious light beer. The recipe has been refined over the years, but its secret lies in its balance between pale ale malt, which offers body, and pilsner malt, which offers drinkability.

Ipanema, “India Pale Ale” category

Ipanema is an invitation to travel the globe. Its roots are English, where the India Pale Ale style of brewing was developed in the 18th century for export to India. After nearly going extinct, the style has risen up from the ashes in the United States, characterized by its unique, fruity hops flavor. Ipanema, a neighborhood in Rio, is brought to Switzerland to create this wonderfully balanced IPA.

Saison Barrique, “Barrel-Aged Beer” category

How do we offer a barrel-aged beer that remains light and faithful to our local roots? After several trials of different beers in different barrels, in 2017, we found the perfect combination: a Saison type lager matured for three months in barrels from Badoux Vins that previously contained Chasselas. Consequently, Saison Barrique was born!